About Us

Who are we?

Sex Dolls King® is a company launched in 2009 in France, Paris by a group of entrepreneurs. 
We were first selling our creations through French Sex Dolls Forums and then evolved to create the biggest online Sex Dolls store in the world with a dozen of warehouses all over the planet and over 30.000 customers satisfied since 2009.

Why us?

- Value for money (VFM): Our main goal is to provide the best quality on the market and still have one of the best price-range out there.

- Anonymity: We also promise to give total anonymity to our customers through the packaging which is totally neutral and gives no clue about what is inside. We also make sure that the billing on your Bank Account is totally unsuspicious and let nobody know what you have bought.

- Security: We know, online sex stores, in general, are spooky, full of pop-ups and not that trustful. That's why our website has no ads nor pop-ups and gives you smooth navigation without being disturbed.
For payments, we are using Paypal®, Stripe® and Coinbase® which can let you do transactions without an ounce of fear.

- Time Delivery: With warehouses all over the globe, we have the fastest delivery in the market. You will receive your doll within 5 working days after payment received.
This is only available for sex dolls. Accessories take a little bit longer.

Our Team


What are our goals?

- Become a reference: In KING Corp© we believe in trust. We want everyone to know that when they want to buy a sex doll, Sex Dolls King© is the solution. Safety, Anonymity, Quality and Support. That is our motto, from even before your purchase to the time it comes to your door, we are here for you.

- Extend our collection: Indeed, each day we're thinking of new models of dolls to extend our collection and give our customers a number of choices that will please all their fantasies. 

- Open physical shops: Our ultimate goal is to open multiple dolls shop across the world.



Some factory pictures:



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